first 4 stroker.. please help

so i bought my first 4 stroke bike.. i had a 04 yfz450.. now i didnt get the owners manuel with this bike but i have a 2003 yz450F.. and i need to know how too correctly change the oil in the bike please...... and i also wanted too know.. on ym yfz there was a oil pan on the front of it for oil in the top end and obviously the reg. tranny fll.. i used too fill the tranny with gear oil and the oil pan with 10-30 synthedic.. now.. i have read things about such as a frame plug? and more then 1 oil plug? can someone please clear this up for me i just got the bike a few days ago after takeing a few years off riding and well.... i would like to perform regular maintenence on the bike with no problem.. im used too 2 stroke bikes.. mixing gas and useing gear oil... i think the tranny case oil is the same as the top end oil on this bike if im not mistaken... if i am please clear this up i dont wanna blow my motor after 1 ride.. thank you guys very much

Did you try to check YouTube for videos usually rocky mountain has videos like that

no i havent... ive herd of this site before.. and i found the frame drain plug i do believe and also the frame fill.... i just wanna know basically where the spots too drain the oil are.. one under the bike i found.. one on the frame.. and how much oil too put into the bike.. in the case.. and in the frame.. and if the frame shit goes into the top end? and the bottom is gear oil? im not shure... does it circulate threw the whole motor? idk? bike doesnt have a dip stick on it.. i know where the filter goes.. ill check now

checked youtube.... nothing

Sent you a PM with information on the Service Manual.

lol.. well i downloaded and read the service manuel and did what it said... let bike warm up for 3 mins and check the frame oil tank.. i did.. unscrewed.. dipped pulled out.. bike was full.. then i looked down to see oil pissing out of that lol... guess its gonna def. need a oil change now.. or atleast add some... it didnt tell me the case oor frame tanks tho.. s can someone clearify that... how much do i put in the frame... and is it for the top end... and how much do i put in the case.. and can i use gear oil for the case... told me too use 10w-30 but idk if it was for both or what.. please clearify this for me and ill be alll set.. thanks

thanks hurricane

can anyone tell me why oil was pissing out of the dip stick?

Because whoever you bought it from probably over filled it.

Because it was overfilled.

There's also a link to a free manual download in Common Threads.

got the manuel.. thank you guys for all the help and info.. well apprechiated.. went for another ride today.. unfortunitly where i used to ride as a kid is now illegal too ride and i had the cops called on me... it really sucks because its right down the street so i can just ride on down like i used too.. not anymore i guess

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