Warm Lake (Stolle Meadows area)


Does anyone know is the area around Warm Lake is clear enough to ride? If so some trail ideas would be appreciated, gonna spend time up there this weekend.

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I would be astounded if it's clear enough to ride much of anything. We've been stopped by thick snowdrifts in late june the last couple years. Even the lower trails like tyndall and yellowjacket get up near 7000'. You *may* be able to do some out and back rides up to the snowline on various trails, but tyndall will probably have fairly deep water over the banks right about where the bridge is, and this time of year, you may need a chainsaw to get very far.

All the same, it can't hurt to take a bike and go around and take a look and then report back.

We'll be up there weekend after next with saw in tow.... hopefully this heat wave we're having this week will stimulate a melt.

I was afraid of that. Idaho City is out, damn.

I was afraid of that. Idaho City is out, damn.

The idaho city race course is entirely on the west side of the road, so the riding on the east side is still available and in good condition (although the higher stuff is still a bit snowy). Easy to get to camp spots may be crowded with racers tho.

I may do that then, thanks.

Snow going over the pass into Warm lake was a bit deeper than expected..... I believe this is about 6500 ft.


It's going to a a little while still before any of the high trails are even close to ridable....

Wow, thanks.

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