2002 RM125 reed cage gasket

Does this bike have a reed cage gasket? Microfiche isnt showing one.

The OEM does not use a gasket.

The OEM does not use a gasket.

How does it seal? Should I use RTV sealant?


There is an o-ring, but I used some RTV just to be sure. Do not put a lot though.

Don't use RTV, it will make a big mess and come off.

O-ring is a better seal, clean the surfaces with 'contact-cleaner' and put it together.

It did not have RTV from the beginning, it don't need it.

The only sealant I would use is something like Yamahabond 4 or 1104 or the equivalent.

The 'vehicle' RTV stuff is junk on bikes.

Thanks guys :smirk:

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