2,500 miles on D208 stocker rear tire - what to replace it with?

My DRZ has the stock Dunlop D208's and the rear is almost ready to be chucked after only 2,500 mi. Crap.

Front tire looks all right and I don't want to replace it until I have to - any 140 or 150 rear tire that has similar sidewall profile as D208's that I can run until a new complete set is needed? Or not worth it?

Was thinking Pilot Power 150 or 160 if it can fit...

Mixing and matching is a common practice and okay. Pilots are a great replacement. Both sizes will fit just fine but 150/60 are the most common among the SM riders.

Thanks - I thought so. From searching the forum it looks like running 160s won't work or there is no point? I ask because options for 160 are many more than 150.

Theres a ton more in the 160 and if you live close to a track you can find heaps of takeoffs perfect for street duty. I have run 160's and no real

Complaints but there not all created equal so I just got lucky I'm sure

Continentals are good or you could probably find a new Dunlop that someone took off to run untill your front is shot. Some 160's will fit, but you have to be careful with the profile change. Putting a really round tire on the rear with a steep profile front can lead to some really odd handling.

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