Whats the sag min and max you want to have

I'm curious what the minimum sag and max sag you want to have on your rear suspension? I'm riding a 10' yz450 offroad and I had my suspension guy set my sag... which I think was around 108. I couldnt turn that great so i went a couple turns and think I'm around 100. It seems to turn better but am thinking of going another turn... is my technique screwed up or something? Also, if my bike seems to sag a lot while fire roading will this help it be a little tighter?



Depends on what type of riding you do the most.

I seem to like it around 106 in the open stuff... but on tighter trails i seem to like it around 100... so you can go a little less then it sounds like. Thanks...

You can move the forks up or down in the triple clamps some too, which will have effects on turning and stability like sag.

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