She went underwater.

I was trail riding and I dropped my RM 125 in a big dirty puddle. So far I've changed all the fluids, replaced my air filter and dried out the carb. She still wont run. I checked the R values on the CDI and the magneto against the values listed in my Clymer manual. The magneto came out fine but the CDI values are all out of wack. I've read on the internet that the CDI values in the manual are wrong. Does anyone know what they are supposed to be? Any other advice on what to do to get my bike running?

Seems pretty unlikely to me that it'd be the cdi, far more likely that there's still some water somewhere. First things first- is there a spark and decent compression?

There's compression, but no spark. Thats why I checked the electrical system. I tried a new spark plug too.

Ah, makes more sense now. Any chance you can swap CDIs with another RM125 to see if that confirms it? I'd also double check all connectors, the kill switch especially, plug cap, and stator for dryness too.

I noticed something on my RM 250 that I dont remember seeing on another bike. When I split the cases on my 250 there was a cast in channel that went to the area of the stator, and this struck me as odd. I know this was clean before my last ride, but now was filled with a muddy film. I buried my bike in a deep mud pit , and was in it long enough to get crap in there as it took me three launches to get me out. I see no use for this channel and it shouldnt be in an offroad bike(my RM is my trail bike). I believe you were in the water long enough to cook something, but I have never had one not start back up. See if your bike has this channel(you can see it on the bottom of the engine) , and I believe that if the rubber grommet is sealed properly then we dont need an outlet or inlet as the case seems. I plan to seal mine off, and I usually stay away from deep pits but this last one I couldnt go around. Let us know what you find out

In January, I biffed it hard going across a pond. The bike was under with just a handlebar sticking out of the water. I pushed it back to the truck, then into the garage, and tore the tank/bodywork off, drained the carb, dumped the half gallon out of the pipe, and cleaned the filter and carb boot. I then (with the carb and exhaust off) took the spark plug out. While liberally spraying WD-40 into the reed valve to keep everything lubed, I kicked the bike over and over as water came dumping out of the exhaust and shooting out the head! Once satisfied the water was out, I reassembled. It started on the second kick :smirk:

Well, after months of dicking around, I finally got the whole bitch apart. Guess what I found? Rust, mud and dirt. Inside the cylinder, coating the bearings and pretty much ****ing my whole engine. On the plus side, I know how everything works in there now, how to take it apart and what I need to fix it. When I get the parts I'll post picks of the whole rebuild process. Thanks for the help guys

if you have water in it never leave the bike standing

had water in my 91rm 250 2times

immediately took of cylinder took out the water in my crank and put massive oil in it

then i got the oil out, put some 2stroke oil in the crank, put everything back

some kicking and a lot of blue smoke later, everything was fine

this was about 2 years ago, now recently got her open again for a revision

and everything looked super! though changed the crank bearings since it was a revision

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