450X speedo gear fit 450R??

Wondering if the speedo gear assembly from 450X will fit my 03' 450R. I would use an odometer from my old XR650R that I took off when I bought my XR new in 01".

My first thoughts were that it should work just fine. After thinking about it, I am not sure if the front wheel from the 450r has the notches in the hub to drive the speedo drive assembly. You may have get a front hub from an X to make it work. If it does have the notches,then you should be able to make it work.

plus there is no stop point on the forks. If you were to swap the forks, front wheel and axle setup from a X to an R it would work. Then you would have to address the spring rates and valving differences

OHHH, great points guys thanks !

I just need to wait for 11' 450x FI then

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