Adjusting fork sag on CRF150 big wheel?

ok, I weight about 155lbs with gear on. I put .4 springs in the front and had it revalved (I had the rear done as well). The front sag was almost dead on (for what I was going for) at 37mm static and 67mm rider sag before being revalved. Now i have 32mm static, and about 58mm rider sag. Is there any way to adjust the static sag? I know softer springs will help the rider sag, but is there away to get a little more out of what I have? I'd rather not go down the road of new springs again, especially since I have had several places confirm the .4 spring should be right for my weight.

And, unfortunately the suspension place that did my revalve work will not return any of my emails or voice mails.:smirk:

Thanks for any help.

Really? Nobody has anything? I must have stumped the masters of suspension work here! :smirk:

Just kidding. Mainly wanted to get this bumped back up towards the top in hopes someone had a little advice.

sag should not change with valving, it maybe sticky from

new seals and will loosen a little with riding , damaged bushes when the work was done , bad fork alignment , your sag readings seem high to me as you have less travel than a big bike

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