selling sm rims...what other bikes do they fit?

I've got a second set of sm rims that I'm selling. I've had people ask me if they fit every other bike besides a drz. I'm not one to lie to make a sale so I'm hoping some of you guys could let me know what rims you canablized off of other make bikes so ill have some info to give potential buyers. I'm aware ktm wheels fit ours but not sure on any others. Thanks in advance!

You can make them fit just about any bike as long as the Axle Diameters are the same or very close;) hell you can even change the bearing size as well to fit on another axle :smirk:

Thanks Debi! That's basically the answer I've been giving, but I feel like its a crap shoot for the crf and wr guys that inquired.

Thanks zooki, I'll send him a pm.

Watch out turning this thread into a swap meet, it will get deleted.

Note taken William, just looking for info here.


I just want to make sure it is known so the thread does not get wiped. I've seen a few that started out fine and turned in to morrocan bazzars!

Agreed, I think this is good info that IS out there but could always use updating... I've heard ktm and husabergs share many of the same parts, has anyone been able to bolt a set of berg wheels on without much modifications? Also heard certain year yz rims bolt rite up, does that go for wr's as well?

When I explain to people they may need to actually measure and do a little fab work it seems to be a deal killer.

The newer KTM and Husaberg use a larger front axle so they won't just bolt on. You'll need some custom work to make them fit.

ok husabergs are out, how about huskys?

I'm pretty sure the only thing they fit without modification are any model and year DRZ and certain year RM 250 (not RMZ).

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