cutting subframe

So i decided to cut the side panels on my bike and i really like the way it turned out. Now im thinking about chopping the subframe a lil bit but i am wondering how to reattach the edge tail light? any ideas



i've been thinking of doing the same thing to the rear pics and how to if you do it..

im gonna go ahead and try it! ill post pics once done.

drz sm nut has his done, a oic is listed in the thread recently post called custom mods..

his looks good,

Heres just a lil mock up after i did it. still gotta get everything in place and put back together, but i cant figure out where to mount my turn signals now? any ideas??



looks good

i've seen that done ..looked good

how did you cut the plastic,, what did you use

i used a hack saw. then used 60 grit sandpaper and a file to clean it up after then 220 grit sand paper

What are you going to do about the battery side?

not sure yet. i can take off a lil bit without it showing but if i want it to look like the exhaust side then the battery will have to show a lil bit

Forget turn signals get the 12oclocklabs trun signal processor for the edge2 light..

Hmmm underseat exhaust would be sweet but u would lose soe clearance. How would you even do that?

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