XR 650 gas aftermarket gas tanks

I just got an xr 650L and have been looking at the options for a larger tank.

I'm wondering if anyone has any opinions as to which is the best.

Acerbis vs. IMS vs. Clarke etc..

I've heard the Acerbis requires moving the blinker switch so I'm leaning towards the Clarke because it looks slimmer (granted it's a bit smaller) and cheaper....

I just purchased a Clarke 4.7 gallon for my 650L.

I have a Clarke 4.7 on mine and am happy with it. It's easy enough to take on and off and I don't feel that it's too wide like some others do. I have no complaints about the tank. It also holds enough fuel to take a decent ride before needing to refill it.

If you get one, toss the plastic gas cap that comes with it and get something better. I bought an aluminum one from Cycle Gear that I'm happy with. I would also strongly suggest that you put stickers on it rather than leave it plain. Factory Effex makes some good looking ones that don't peel off, even if you just stick them on the bare tank with no other preparation, like I've done. Mine have been on for two years and still look as good as the day I stuck them on there.


I have the Clarke 4.0 and haven't had any problems with it. It doesn't hold as much as the 4.7 but it's a little less bulbous.



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