Help! xr200 K.S. Lever Ball stuck. How do I remove?

2001 XR200R with a sloppy, won't stay closed kick start lever. I removed the kickstart lever to assess the parts needed for repair. My ball bearing listed as #8 1/4 in the OEM diagram is stuck. There is not enough surface to extract it with pliars. Any ideas on how to get the ball out so I can replace it and check the spring which should be behind the ball?

Spray the bearing with PB Blaster while the lever is in a bench vise, let it soak overnight, then work it loose and use a magnet to remove it. Might take a few attempts to get it.

Thank you for the reply. I will attempt that.

You could also put the lever in a vise with the bearing facing down. put a shop towell under it to catcyh it the smack the oposite side with the hammer. worked for me. Tim

Tim, your suggestion worked perfect. Soaked it with liquid wrench, worked the ball with pliars, then smacked with a hammer while in a vice. Ball and spring came flying out.

The old spring was shorter than the new one. The new spring and ball made my kickstart lever stay closed while riding. Thanks for the help.

Glad to help! I have had lots of similar situations. best of luck Tim:ride:

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