Inside a YZ250F engine.

Hi, I went riding with a friend of mine yesterday. I had stopped after warming up a couple of laps when I see him coming towards me and I heard a one knock sound and see his rearwheel locking up. Anyway, I got these pics of him today:banghead::smirk: Doesn`t look to good.






aint that a doosie?

Looks like it smashed into a valve, then the piston got stuck and the rod broke off.

Doosie?? I don`t know but I think the hole in the piston came from the rod and the piece of the piston smashed the exhaust valve.

thats actually the intake side with a hole in it.

That plug looks good....

That plug looks good....


That should buff right out. Put some heavier oil in it and sell it. lol

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