neutral switch

'08 yz250F.....What does the neutral switch actually do? I can start it in gear with the cluch pulled, just wondering.

I believe it has to do with ignition timing

Swede is correct. When the bike is in gear, the switch lets the CDI know and the CDI sightly advances the timing and alters the rev limiter. This mildly increases engine power at idle and increases idle speed to prevent clutch drag from stalling the engine. Many have disabled the neutral switch to fool the CDI to think it s in gear all the time as it tends to make starting easier and a stronger idle however, it also lends itself to contributing to a hanging idle. I have never found the need to do this mod. Properly set up bike does not need it IMHO. As far as the rev limiter, it restricts max revs in neutral to about 7,000 rpm.

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