kick starter problem

i took my bike bike out for the first time in awhile after alot of work to get it runing rite again. it started rite up an ran well but after awhile i stalled it an it wouldnt start i kicked an kicked an i got a bump start an it starter rite up an it did this a couple of times if felt like it didnt have any compresion an sounded funning while i was kicking it. im not real shure on whats going on has any one else had this problem befor

In the same boat as you... that happened to my 250 this weekend. So bummed, with my bike im breaking it down and putting a new piston kit in it and intake valves, but nothings for sure until I take it all apart. Best of luck to finding out whats wrong with it. You said you had to jump start it? But once it was hot could you kick it over? Cause that was the case with me this weekend.

no mine just had a problem starting all the time like there was no compesion but some times it would fire rite up . an when it was runing it ran fine. it just didnt sound rite when i was trying to kick it. it sounds like to me your intake valves may have tighten up are they stock?

yeah its the intake valves... So now i'm debating between stainless and titanium. It just has zero compression as well. So if I wanna start it i gotta jump start it and once its hot it'll kick right over.

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