Race TTR 125??

I have a TTR 125 with many mods and i was wondering if it would be a good bike for hare scrambles?? mods include: FMF Powercore 4 exhaust, BBR skid plate, BBr rev box, and it has been suited up for trail riding. Trail riding is nothing new to me, I was just wondering if it would be worth entering a hare scramble with this bike??

If it's all you got, why not?

Just go into it knowing that you're not going to sweep the series or take the top of the podium every race and have fun and use it as a learning tool!

If the course is extra tight and slimey, the TTR will actually out-shine the big bikes.

If it's really open with lots of air and high speed stuff, best make sure you have plenty of armor on, rocks hurt when you get roosted.

What difference does the rev box make? Apart from making it rev higher, does it increase power too? Is it difficult to fit?:smirk:

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