Chinese 2 stroke crankshaft bearings

My dealer says to use high quality Japanese crank bearings in my CR250.

I spent the $45 on the factory Nachi Japanese bearings. I decided to use cheaper bearings on my 79 ds125 the kids play on, which cost $19 for the pair. Opened them up and guess what, Nachi bearings! So I went on line and the Nachi bearings are made in China even though they are stamped Nachi and Japan on the side. More internet research, there is a brand of bearings made in china called "JAPAN". More research, FAG, Koyo, NT, SKF, DHC, and even Timken are Chinese! Just Google "country of origin" on your favorite bearing.

If anyone can find a bearing made ANYWHERE besides China please let me know. In the meantime if they are good enough for Honda, Suzuki etc they are good enough for me, like I have a choice. :smirk:

Bearings from the major manufacturers are made all over the world. For a major player like FAG, Timken etal, it does not matter where the bearing was made, only the bearing specs. Just because something is made in China, does not mean it is junk. Just like if it is from Germany, does not mean it is the best.

For example:

Be sure to do through due diligence before making claims.

I bought some NAPA wheel bearings last year that were made in Argentina.

I bought some ATV wheel bearings, 8 for $20, to go into my lawn mower spindles. Don't care where they were made, because my grass was 2 ft tall.

Look for a local bearing supplier. Even if you can't see the bearing number, just bring in the bearings and they will be able to find a matching replacement.

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