My BST is missing the needle valve

I just bought a 2002 DR650 and decided to re-jet the stock BST carb. When I pulled it apart the needle valve wasn't there. I'm following the "BST bible" where the carb is from a KTM. Does the DR not come with the needle valve?

All 4S carbs have a fuel screw

All 2S carbs have a air screw

Maybe a little more info would help. The BST has 3 different valves that could be referred to as a "needle valve".

1) Jet Needle which hangs from the slide and controls fuel/air mix mostly 1/4-3/4 throttle. Will not run w/o.

2) Float Needle Valve which controls fuel level in the float bowel. Probably would not run w/o or very poorly and would drain the fuel tank in no time.

3) Idle fuel mix needle valve which controls fuel at idle. Should not idle if missing.

I'm thinking you are referring to the float needle valve which is a little different than normal on the BST. The needle unlike most carbs is captive on the float assembly.


Yeah after thinking about it I realized it's built into the float float. Thanks

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