Set-up for 2011 RM-Z450

I'm trying to set-up my suspension (clickers, oil-height, and spring rate) for my '11 RM-Z450. I know that it varies depending on the terrain, rider skill and rider size, but I'm sure there's a 'general' set-up that just could just get tweaked a little to compensate for the terrain.

I'm 6ft tall, 165lbs. I read MX Actions review of the bike and followed their set-up which included stiffer front springs and I'm not liking it!!:smirk:

Any advice? Thanks in advance.

The average test rider at MXA is probably well over 165 lbs, this is why they recommend stiffer springs constantly. For 165 lbs the recommended springs would have been softer in my opinion and not stiffer. Springs are the basics, you will not be able to revalve around it if you are radically off. For example, R-T recommended spring for your weight is .47 in front and 5.4 rear.

the 2010 is setup very stiff and the 2011 even more going to have to do a lot of work with valving and springs to get it nice and plush.

Thanks guys, I dropped off my suspension today and getting a 5.4 in the rear and putting the 4.8's (stock) back up front to try it out. If my rear is too stiff, this could be the cause of my stock 4.8's feeling 'harsh.'

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