was looking at getting a stock pipe for my 02 kx250,I know 2001 will fit as kawi list the same numbers but are there any other years that are the same?Seems stock pipes are like hens teeth especially if they only fit for a couple year models.Looking for a used one if anybody has one to sell.

95-02 fit your bike and maybe the 94 also but not totaly sure if the mounts are in the same place but I think they are.


same tuning from 95 to 02?they fit but do they perform the same?BTW thanks for the quick reply.

No they are different in tune.97-98 pipe is good for low end,99-00 good for top end don't know for sure about the rest but my LASleeve 300 like the stock 02 pipe I have on it but never used it on a 250.


I have the stock pipe and silencer for my 2002. I have never had it on the bike and the original owner I bought it from said that he took it off almost immediately so he could put the "pretty" FMF Fatty on it. It has a couple of small rock dings in it but looks very good for a stock pipe. I am just about as far away from you as I can get and still be on the North American continent though...

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