Yzf 450 05 & 08+

Hey guys, Im planning on purchasing a 450f in the near future and have a question about yzf s. I currently own an 04 wr450 but an mx bike would suite my riding style far better. (got the wr because i thought of putting it on the road, didnt, never will.) My question is: is the powerband and torque of an 05 similar to an 08? I have ridden a friends 05 and loved the bottom end power. After reading 08 shootouts, I found out the YZF is apparently "weak" of the bottom but likes to be revved. Is this just compared to the others or just to previous years? Idk if the bottom end power isnt as strong as an 05 or if the top end is just improved on all bikes.

thanks for any input.

I have ridden and drag raced my buddy on an all stock 2007 YZ450f - about the same but his has much less of a hit. from what I have seen they just feel much more electric - smooth. Same HP .... the 03, 04 and 05 had the monster hit everyone hated - except you and me!

Its to bad they dont make two versions of the bike, one for me and you and one for everyone else.:smirk: Im gonna stick with Yamaha as my Wr hasnt given me the slightest of problems. Im also gonna go for 08+ so to get more hit, would Installing an fmf exhaust, maybe a megabomb header do the job to get it closer? I know throwing a powercore 4 onto my wr made a very noticeable difference in bottom end. (and yes, I did have that terrible baffle pulled out, its just to loud.:smirk:)

that is the ticket - I think the jetting is very close even with an exhaust on an 08+. I would look at a Leo Vince too --- I have one on my DRZ and it rocks yet is quiet - they are from Europe!

BTW of all the YZ450f's 2006+ the 2006 was the fastest stock vs stock. Mainly cams and exhaust.

thanks for the quick replies:thumbsup:

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