pocket door?

Have any of you put in a pocket door between garage and sleeping area? Would save a lot of space of a swinging door.

I am thinking about using one and they are fairly reasonably priced and go in a 2x4 width wall. Under $100 for the track kit and door.

IF you have a 2x4 wall. A lot don't.

IF you have the room in the wall free of wiring or plumbing.

IF you get a door assy. that is able to be latched in the open and close position so it can't move while traveling.

I don't see why it won't work.

One problem I see is that you really can't make a pocket door seal very well to keep fumes out of the living area. An exterior type sealing door would most likely bind from the flexing that happens in RV's.

Mine is custom made. Interior door cut to lenghth then added a 2x2 at the top between the skins to reinforce the front and back of the door(there was no support when we cut it). We cut a piece of 3/4 plywood to glue on top of the new support. We then used the original slider door hardward(slider between cab and box). The door is hanging from a 2x2 that goes all the way across the box and covered by the closet on one side and a trim panel on the other.

The frame as viewed from the garage offers alot of strenght to the box. It's made of a web of 2x2's with 1/2 ply.

The door is on the Sleeper side of the box and goes between the wall and the closet.

I'll try to post up a few piks.


Why not use a cheap sliding closet door? They don't usually need extra framing to go in and you could probably get 1 less than an inch and a half thick. Now what about flex in the trailer?

Going to be using the pocket door in a Gruman box van.

seems like going from a 1 1/2 inch thick wall to a 4 inch thick wall would be well worth it to loose the lost space of a swinging door.






Yes there is a bungie cord that pulls it closed(has worked find for 10 years) and a pin in the closet that "locks" it.


seems like going from a 1 1/2 inch thick wall to a 4 inch thick wall would be well worth it to loose the lost space of a swinging door.


Gonna be 1 1/2 wall +1 1/2door +1 1/2 wall + covering and a little wiggle room for the door and something like carpet to guide it, so may be 5+".

Mine take up that 3+ inches on the closet side which isn't missed because of the closet.

Lots of options.


i put a pocket door in my bathroom in my house?

save a bunch of room...wondered if you thought about just a solid bifold door? easy to install.... if your looking to seperate the areas.

thanks ..... I like the carpet idea......would keep the door from rattling while driving down the road. The bungee cord is very interesting!

Looks like a 28 inch door will fit with no problems.

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