KTM 250 excf 2006 power delivery trouble

im thinking of buying the KTM off a friend but there is a problem with it....it starts and runs and goes...but when you open the throttle going along the power comes through at the higher end in bits and lumpy. they have done the usual things like carb, etc and thinking it might be the regulator (im not very mechanical minded so excuse my noobness ow greats ones). im wondering if anybody had similar issue or if its common with these bikes as i never had one before and didnt know if it was a problem that would just haunt me like last bike. Any advice on these KTMs would be much appreciated. i spent a while trying to find other ppls posts but got lost reading random other stuff and not having much luck in the search. im rubbish i know. but i have passion so im half the way there :smirk:

Edited by DocWito

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