Oil Change Interval


I'm thinking about my next bike right now and I'm leaning toward an MX 450 to turn into a HS/Off Road bike. My current 530 EXC I have to change the oil every 15 to 20 hours and it's a struggle to make sure it doesn't burn too much of its .6 L on the engine side in that time. How long do you guys go between changes, how much oil does the KX hold, and is it a shared bath between the motor and the transmission?

Also, how many hours might I get out of one of these before a rebuild? Is 120 hours possible?

well i have a 06 kx450 and i went a full year and a half and i just did a top end on it..150-175hours befor the rebuild and the piston looked brand new ring gap felt a little soft tho.I change oil and filter every 5 rides and yes the motor and clutch is all in one. .98L of oil.

Shared oil baths get contaminated by the clutch, and therefor do not allow more time between oil changes, just because there is more oil.........plus you can't use fully synthetic MB oil in the shared bath, so you loose that benefit too.

I have bikes that have both versions, and you just have to change the oil.

15-20 hours is fine for clean riding. I'd go to 6-12 for dirty riding.

My 06 has 295hrs total. Bottom end is still ok. Always use cheap Shell or Delo diesel oil, since it gives me best shifting and clutch feel, and the engine doesn't seem to wear. Approximately 6 hrs or 2 rides between oil changes.

For a typical KX450 rider, the piston, pin and timing chain are good for at least 150 hrs. 200 or more is common. Valve seats should be good for 150+ hrs with good air filter maintenance.

I love my 450. The KX engine is tough. The 06 is a light weight 450, it can be made to handle fine, the engine revs very smooth. Mine gets typical rider moderate workload from me. I have friend's with 250F and 250 2 strokes, which are great fun, but to use those engines demanding similar power output like my 450F, they need to work a lot harder. So I think the KX450F engine has an awesome fun to dollar ratio. The engine is the easy part of owning one. Most $ spent on suspension, tires, drive train, controls, etc, etc.

Fully synthetic MB oil? As opposed to MA? I run a 10W40 Full Synthetic MA in both sides of my bike just for simplicity. Doesn't seem to be a problem.

Those hours numbers sound pretty good to me. I only put about 40 hours a year on. The 1 L of oil isn't too bad I guess, wish it was a little more. Thanks for the info guys.

The two KX450's in our garage get changed before 300 miles. Castrol GTX regular. Same routine as all the 250F and 450f since 2002. Absolutely 100% reliable in every regard.

Do these bikes come with an hour meter?

2-3 rides or 8 hours for me and no theres no hour meter

Change my oil every 10 to 15 hours , first top end and inlet valves at 350 hours .

So no full synthetic oil? Why?

because the KX shares the engine oil with the clutch oil. Bikes like hondas that have separate oil pans can run syn.

I run full synthetic in my transmission side of my 530. I just use "MA" rated oils, seems to be fine. Even with my Rekluse.

So no full synthetic oil? Why?

Fully Synthetic MA yes, MB no. Clutch will slip.

So what about oils like Royal Purple full synthetic 4 stroke motorcycle oil or the Lucas Semi synthetic stuff or Mobil 1 full synthetic 4 stroke oil..all claim to have special wet clutch additives????...I have been changing my oil every 6 hrs and the filter every 3rd time....I am going to be purchasing a re-usable oil filter shortly I think. I have yet to try either the lucas RP or Mobil but all claim to be wet clutch approved..

so no castrol full syn. edge?

so no castrol full syn. edge?

I use the oil the manual says to use which is castrol r4. Which is a full synthetic, I think....

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