Where to buy KYB fork parts?

Hey all, I finally got some time to tinker with the "new to me" KX250 (in sig) and discovered the previous owner had cranked one of the rebound clickers (fork) too far in and stuck it shut. I tried to open it up and just boogered up the soft aluminum on the adjuster. I am assuming I need a new cap altogether, that is fine, but is there a specialty place to get one? I live very remotely and the nearest dealer is literally 100 miles away. Any good place (trusted) to get these parts other than a dealer?


(BTW, I am happy to be back in the 2t fold :smirk: )

Smart Performance, MX-Tech, Doug Harvey Racing, Enzo Racing just to name a few

Nevermind, I ordered the fork cap from the TT parts section.

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