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Memorial Day State Forest Ride.

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I went over to the usual area yesterday in Central PA's Bald Eagle State Forest. There is a very large amount of riding out there, but much is very remote and after the rains we had recently, I wanted to take it easy and stay away from the known nasty areas. I had planned originally on a riding buddy to go along, so we could do some of the more remote and technical sections. He had to cancel at the last minute, but I went anyway. Being by myself, and in an area with little to no cell coverage, I took it easy. I kept mostly to the "Driveable Trails" as the forest guys post it. Some are a lot more "driveable" than others. I actually found two guys in a GEO tracker from Maryland in one of the worst sections. They weren't having problems, but since I was heading the opposite direction from them, I could see where they "found" all of the deceptively innocent mudholes. Look shallow, but are really deep, with nice round rocks in them, in a place where you have to find them the hard way. "Caveat Rider"

One of the things that isn't real obvious in any of these shots is that the trails are a lot rougher than they look from all of the embedded rocks. Every once in a while, a few become unembedded, and become roving rim-denters. It can be quite exciting to come around a corner or over a rise and find them lined up against you.

4WD vehicles can drive some of these roads at about 5-15 mph, the dual sport WR250R I ride can maintain about 35-40, I would guess a lighter bike with better suspension could do about 50-60. Of course, the speed limit is 25. The good part of it is a lot of it is demanding, without being murderous, although some parts are nasty, rocky, gnarly suckers. Those with adventure bikes and big trailies can also enjoy a lot of it, although I would strongly recommend against Summit Trail. Parts of Henstep Valley trail get very nasty, and very wet and boggy. It starts out nice, though. All the better to lure you in....

No ATVs, and bikes must be road legal and plated. There are other users out there, such as cars and trucks (you should see where some of these people think they can take a car) and the occasional bicyclist and hiker. Plenty of wildlife. Yesterday happened to be chipmunk day. Other days, it is grouse day, squirrel day, occasionally bear day, and once in a while deer day.

Here's the link, its easier than posting them one by one:


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