06 kx450f electric problems

Last year in the fall my dad was riding a local track and all of a sudden the bike died in a corner...no spark. I just recently moved back from colorado and i am in between selling and buying a new bike so i need to get this thing running.

2006 kx450f basically bone stock except for some suspension mods.

I thought it was either the CDI or the Coil. both checked out on a known working bike, then swapped the known working parts to my bike and still no spark. My question to you is are there any methods to testing the stator and the flywheel pickup? I have searched for broken wires with no luck and I am kind of at a stand still. thanks guys!

The stator and crank sensor are easily checked on the bike with a multimeter as per the service manual. Mine is loaned out right now so can't give specifics.

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