Proud New Owner of a RMZ-450

First off let me just say, this bikes rocks. I have never owned a real race bike. I went from a Yahama RT 180, to a 06 DRZ 400. I got into looking for a MX bike and from my experience with the DRZ, I thought a zuke would be a good choice. I picked up an 07 450, its in great shape and runs great. Starts up with a couple kicks. I managed to get the bike for $2700. He was initially asking $4400 and kept reducing price until I found it for $3400 and still managed to get him down. I found out later the bike was factory ridden in supermoto and have pictures of my bike with all the SM crap on it. The guy I bought it from got it from this pro racer but supposedly didn't know he raced and thought he just rode it around his fields, etc..

So my question is, what should I look out for? Any redflags? Is there anything I should do with the bike? I haven't touched the bike yet maintenance wise, and am going to do the oil, filters, and all that stuff shortly.

Once again, I am not familiar with mx bikes as this is my first one and am not accustomed to checking valves, etc... which I am going to have to learn to do. This was just one of those deals I couldn't pass up. (Im in ON)

Thanks guys.

I love guys that "didn't know" that the previous owner raced it but you found out? I guess that tells you how much you can trust that guy? NOT! Get a manual and do a complete check over. Check valves, timing/timing chain, compression, all bearings (swing arm,wheels,suspension) As you mentioned oil and filter too. Maybe the guy that raced it kept up on it good and the last guy didn't ride it much, but from what he told you, I would go over every bolt before I would ride it.

Sometimes race bikes are the best bikes to buy! Id rather have a raced bike that was properly and well maintained than some bike that somebody beats the snot out of wide open around their field, and then put it away muddy for 2 weeks and change the oil every 15 hours. Most of the time race bikes are taken care of, because they need them to run on race day. And somebody is more likely to put money into a bike that they use for competition than for one that they just ride around the house. I change my oil after every race, and after every 3 hours of regular "play" riding. Everything is always looked over. Thats why i know on Sunday, race day, my bike is going to run and run well.

Welcome to the rmz awesomeness. The bikes are truly great. THEE best handling bike for sure. :ride:

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