2003 WR450F starter

Could my starter be getting weak? If the motor is cold you can kick start it and then when the motor wams up you can use the electric start. Didnt know if starters would go out slowly or go bad all at once?

The starter motors are notoriously terrible. Lots of them are weak to start with, get worse and then fail with a short in the armature. A lot of guys just kick when cold and the use the starter when hot.

The best thing you can do for your starter (if it's not one of the crap ones) is to get your pilot tuned and richen your starter jet. If it is one of the crap ones, you're just doomed.

Could be the starter motor, could be your battery is on its' way out. What voltage do you get on the battery after letting the bike sit over night, bike off?

search on this forum for starter problems and you will find the 03 04 all had starter problems which need the 05 starter upgrade,i know this as i bought a 04 and am still trying to sort mine out i got some new and some secondhand parts and am just about to install,should be good then.

cost is about $250 to fix.

Oh bugger I thought that the poor starting motor was only on the 2003 , does it follow to the 2004 bike as well.

When I got my 2004 it would not start on the button but i found that the last owner had replaced the battery with one from a 50cc bike .

One I fitted a new battery it was far better. I still kick form cold and keep the button for tricky times.


There are two separate issues. One is the starter system design in '03 which was corrected in '04 with a damper. The other is that the starter motors just suck.

My 03 starter motor "squeels" and will start the motor but.........what should I do?

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