Do you set fork height from top of cap to top of triple..

clamp on an 03 yz250? It's got a line down a little from the top of the fork. I don't know where the stock setting is.

Thanks. I've done some searching but can't seem to find the answer. Read some conflicting information.

0mm = top of fork tube (not top of cap).

I think that first line may be the 5mm mark. And I think the 2nd line is 10mm. ...YOu can measure those to confirm.

thanks for the feedback. I've just got one line and that must be the 5mm then. I'll start there.

I was always under the impression that the engraved line around the top of the fork was the stock height when aligned with the top of the triple.

If it wasn't, what's the point of it.

I always thought that it was the top of the fork cap... Although I think it might vary from model to model. Pretty sure on my 450 manual it says top of cap... but I think I should check :smirk:

ahhh, I found it in my pdf manual. I had trouble finding it before, but it shows from the top of the fork tube.

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