keeping my yz250f up (not using clutch) help

i used the search bar and read some wheelie tips, I'm seeking further advice. I have an 03 yz250f and it has an fmf powerbomb exhaust with a titanium muffler. It is very loud and has lots of power. It is a pretty new bike to me and I've been riding for a few years, but I only ride about 10 times a year.

I'm learning to wheelie on the road (there are no cars) because I don't have much good open space with grass that has enough traction to wheelie on. This is how my friend wheelies and he can ride and shift in wheelies on the street.

I haven't used the dumping the clutch method to get it up. I am able to pull it up in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd gear. What I've been doing is riding with about half throttle or less, then simply sitting back pulling up and gunning it. I don't have a problem getting my bike up but as soon as I get it up, I'm in high RPM's. I have successfully shifted a couple times into the next gear, but the bike comes down because I let off of the throttle and let the RPM's go back down in order to do so. This may be because I'm scared of going too far over, but it may be because I am letting off the throttle because it is going into a high rev. When I get it up, I don't hit the balance point all the way up at 12 o clock, but I get the bike high enough to do a good riding around wheelie.

Should I be dumping the clutch? Or is this ok the method I'm doing it, and do I just need to stay on the gas more?

Thanks for the help

I wouldn't get into dumping the clutch to ride wheelies. I use to do that all the time cause I live on a private rode and I would get board so i'd go out and do wheelies and stuff on the road. But I stopped cause dumping the clutch killed my rear tire and tore all the tred off of it. I would stick to wheelies without dumping the clutch... just a thought if you want to save your rear tire

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