Repainting a purple beast

So my dad has a friend with some health problems that he's been battling for quite a few years. He has a nice 8 foot wide v nose trailer that's about 10-12 feet long. Having 5 bikes, we've been pretty cramped on our 7x8 trailer and have been wanting an upgrade. The trailer is in great shape and we'd love to buy it. It's got a ramp in the front of the V on one side, and another door on the other side of the V along with the ramp in the back.

But it's purple. And not just a purple-ish grey. I'm talking a couple shades lighter than Barney the Dinosaur purple.

Luckily about 3 feet of the bottom is Aluminium panneling, so it's not as bad as the whole thing. It'd be nice if we could repaint the thing for fairly cheap. He wants $3,700 so i'd be nice to keep the price under $300.

My dad is handy with a spray gun, and I'm not shabby at sanding crap down. The only problem i see with this is the price of paint and the fact that it's just another project in a life that has too many of them. Who knows. Maybe the purple will grow on us. It definitly stands out in a sea of white and black trailers.

So has anyone completely repainted a trailer? Any advice?

This place buys reasonably good paint in bulk, and sells it at a good price. Carefully read the descriptions so you get the right activator/reducer for it.

I used their 1:1 epoxy primer with good results.

And you'll probably want to blow a layer of primer/sealer over it, especially if topcoating with a light color.

I think you're last statement is true. Purple is interesting at least. If anyone messes with you just smash your huge purple trailer into their puny little black one. For all that money you could get something better than paint for a bike trailer, says I.

Well. I always ask him why we painted our last trailer bright cherry red. He always replies,

"Have you ever seen another bright red trailer?"

Nope. Not like ours.

I'll have to talk with the old man tonight. First things first, we have to buy the thing. Then we can go more into the paint.

How 'bout vinyl wrap?

Wrap the sides and paint the roof with something you can put on

with a brush and roller. Done.

Just a suggestion. Have you looked at the price of new trailers? A nice new 8.5' x 16 is running in the 4k mark from trailers plus. Trailers Plus will build to fit your needs as thats what one of the b's did with his trailer (custom ordered to get the most cargo out of the widest he could go to fit the side of his house) I would do some more homework before i went and bought the first barney trailer I saw :lol: Then give me a call when your ready to add some accessories.. We do carry a few nice toyhauler / cargo trailer items at the store :ride:

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