Rare bike 1987 tlr 200

Did you buy it ?

I'm in Brighton and have been over there three times buying bikes, seems to be a lot for sale over there all the time .

No i didnt buy, i just thought you guys would be interested.

Not all that rare and not that unusual to find one that is nearly 25 years old with very low miles. Around $1000 to 1200 for a mint one is a good price. $1400 if it's really good shape and you must have it. With gas over $4 a gallon, motorcycles that get good mileage are going up in price.

Honda did a really good job convincing newbies to buy this bike. Maybe due to the low seat height. Many have just sat in a garage after less than a thousand miles. That low small seat probably isn't the best for riding more than a few miles. That or someone has a time machine. They keep popping up with less than 2,000 miles.

I've looked at them. They show up in Craigslist and eBay from time to time.

The XR50-XR200, Vintage, and Trials forums will have more info and reviews on them.

I wanted one, but finally bought a TL125 (thrasher / project bike).

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