Good Deal on a Pair?

1999 & 2003 KDX 220 for less than 2500 bucks. I have not seen them in person, yet. THe pics look great ~ for what's that's worth. Both have been re-jetted and have FMF exhausts on them, other than that they are stock. Again, the pics look great - even the little tool bags on the bag look new. Seems like a good deal to me, but I would like a 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc opinion.

Thanks in advance!


Hard to say - these bikes are great but do not bring too much $$$ in the open market. If they are low hour, mint with titles then yes.

Must have been a good deal. Someone beat me to them. They went for 2200. Oh well.


I would say if they were decent at all, they would be worth $2200. I see junkers all the time for $1400-$1600 each. I paid $2000 for my 2002 KDX220, but it was absolutely mint sat in a garage most of its life. This information is for future case you find another KDX.

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