Help Please... KTM EXC 530 Clutch not fully disengaging) No power to the wheel


I have a 2010 KTM EXC 530 that I was riding pretty hard this weekend. We were doing lots of steep climbs, by back tire was spinning quite a bit,( I shouldn't have tried to get one more ride out of it). My ride was cut short because of what I am assuming is a clutch problem.

When I pull the clutch in the motor is disengaged, but when I release the clutch it feels like the motor is not fully engaging the motor. So power is light and it takes a while to build up speed. I checked the clutch fluid which seems fine, any ideas on what the problem is or what I should check?

I am hoping it is nothing major... Thanks for any help.

Sounds like you fried your clutch. Good for you is that they are easy to change.

I don't suppose easy also means cheap (Ya right) , any suggestions on what type of clutch to replace it with? OEM or aftermarket? Any recomendations? We usually ride pretty hard, technical steep climbs and decents.


Lot's of Pro's use Hinson clutches. Do not know the cost. If you want to go wild and crazy, the Rekluse EXP core is very cool. Shop around,

Motorcycle superstore

BTO sports


Rocky mountain atv.


KTM Hutt.

Good luck.

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