Help with Gloves! Please!

Hey guys i need some extra padding gloves to wear, my RM125 wears out my hands far before it wears me out on a typical race day or practice day for that matter.

I need some sort of glove with "extra" padding on the palm basically.

Any insight on a purchase would be extremely helpful, a point toward a certain brand/product that is known for thick material would also be helpful.



EDIT: I'm Running Pro Taper PILLOW TOP GRIPs, Its not Blisters that are bothering me its just after 2 motos and 2 to go my hands arent "ready" for them and its due to the vibrations. I've rode the Xr 200 for about 2 hrs of trails With my same gloves and i felt like i could ride 2 more!

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I haven't found MX gloves with extra padding. Yet. It's even hard to find street gloves with enough padding to really make much of a difference. I have several pairs of gloves and none really do the trick except the winter ones, which you obviously can't use for MX.

Maybe you can get a larger pair to put on over the gloves you own now? I have MSR gloves that are 2XL.

You can get liners that go inside your gloves to help with blisters. If your hands are getting tore up I would think about different grips. I haven't heard of anyone who doesn't like Protaper Pillowtops.

I have a pair of Answer Ion Breeze gloves with quite a bit more palm and finger padding than my other gloves, but probably not as much as you're looking for. Oh, as an added bonus, they're also the best vented gloves I've used so far.

What grips do you run and why are you gripping the bars so hard? :smirk:

go to a mountain bike store and get some mountain bike gloves. there pretty beefy

I'd start with a softer compound grip, then get a pair of non-riding Mechanix type of gloves. Many of them have a double layer or padding in the palm area.

Another thing you may want to investigate is a different bar bend....I used to have terrible arm pump and blisters and sore hands at the end of the day, and learned that this is in many cases caused by incorrect bars. Changed bars, and all my issues went away....well, at least my issues caused by the bars.

what grips are you running? try the pro taper pillow tops.. iv gotten like one blister since iv started using them

I have the same problem with mx gloves. I am now using a set of snap on work gloves. They have a little extra palm and finger padding on the bottom but not to much, and the venting isn't bad. I've gone through like 6 different pair of glove before I tried these, now I'm hooked on them. If you don't work in an automotive shop where you have a weekly dealer you could flag a truck down if you see one driving to try some on or just go to their site.

I run pro taper pillowtop lites with one industries thinest glove, dont seem to get any vibration.

I will second the mechanix gloves. get some with double palm padding, they work great.

I run the Fox, Polar Paws all year long and have little trouble unless I do 300 miles a day.

They certainly are not the coolest gloves, and cost about $40.oo.

But, I love them, year round. May be worth a shot?

Palm Protectors by Risk Racing, or Palm Savers by SealSavers...(I've never used either, but heard they work well)

My true advice would be to ease way up on your grip...Your hands should be used mostly for controls (not for hanging on tight)...Use your knees and squeeze the shrouds to grip the bike for staying on...Just try it man, go ride and exaggerate this advice a bit and barely hold onto the bars, but stay with the bike using your legs...

And if it's truly the vibration beating you up, (and if you've got a little cash available) look into a steering damper, rubber mounted triples, maybe even some Flex Bars...Simply changing gloves or adding padding just won't do much...

Look at mesh street gloves. Much thicker in the palm and still reasonably cool. They also last forever unlike MX gloves.

Flexx bars on my smoker eliminated any hand issues I ever got, even after 24hr ironman races.

I'm not a big fan of gloves with padding. For long rides, it always seem that stuff gets bunched up and rubs me wrong.

I've found the KLIM gloves to fit me better than most. Used to be FOX gloves fit me well, but something must have changed over there about 10yrs ago, they aren't what they used to be.

Yep, leather mechanics gloves. The basic set are half the price of MX gloves. And you can get mechanics gloves with extra thick palms or even with padding for a few dollars more. Last time I was in Menard’s I happened to stop and look them over. Don’t need a set at the moment, just looking. They had a huge selection, probably 20 different styles. Prices ranging from $10 to $30.

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