2010 250 sxf need help ... a lot

I bought a 2010 250 sxf after getting the deal of a life time. I had and left a 06 stock and it was a great bike. All mt friends got bigger bikes the 350 or 450s. I wanted to run a little stronger so I got a FMF 4.1C with a megabomb. The 1st weekend it brought the bike to life! It started better and ran harder. It then sat for 2 weeks before I rode it again. I went to go ride and she started right up 1st kick. I made it 300 or 400 yards before pulling the clutch in to slow down. The bike died on me like I was out of gas. I released the clutch and it bumb started ran for 20 yeads and died again. Now she wont will not even start. The biks has maybe 15 hours on it. She will start with starter fluid and run for about 5 or six seconds...

The gas was on.

I had half a tank of gas.

Is my jetting worng?

I dont see how it ran fine for 300 or 400 yards to then die. I checked and I do have spark not sure how strong.

Also does anyone use the scary fast power now valve and the scary fast power plus valve... do they help? How much jetting will I have to do?

What are other good mods for your buck?

If the bike was sitting, my guess is that you have a gummed up carb or some dirt in there. No biggie

The good news for you is that you can remove the floatbowl and check how dirty your air filter is and go from there.

I'm pretty certain you have a very easy to diagnose/fix issue. I NEVER leave gas sitting in the carb. I always turn off the gas and run it out after every ride.

You could have some dirty jets so you can pull them out to inspect or clean. And lastly, you could have some debris in the tank I suppose, but only you will know how filtered your gas going into your tank has been.

Don't distress...You'll be fine. You can even try some carb cleaner to blow into your jets if you are too lazy to remove them too. :smirk:

Should I just rejet the bike for the new exhaust?

you should not have to rejet for the pipe. Go with what rickk is saying. Get the bike running first then worry about mods.

take it to the dealer see what they say. might be able to score some free service.

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