Looking for some help.

I have a 1994 XR 650L and im looking for some parts/info on modding other parts.

I plan to find a nice header for it to go with my super trapp exhaust, and i want to uncork the beast. But all in due time i suppose.

Ive searched quite a few topics and read alot, but none of the posts seem to give any definitive answers.

Some where, some how, i need to find some passenger pegs for my bike, ive searched ebay, craigslist, and 5 or 6 salvage/junk yards around my area to no avail. Any where online ive found them (usually new) they want 180-250$ not including shipping :smirk::prof:

If any one knows anywhere to get them, or have a work up for a mod it would be much appreciated.

Plastics! my baby is looking a little rough, the plastics are okay except for the left air scoop is broken and hanging by a thread..., but the rest are starting to look a little rough/dirty/sun worn after 17 years :lol:.

Id really like some black plastics, but id be more then happy with some nice shiny white ones.

The bike only has 7k miles on it, and i dont plan on it going anywhere anytime soon, i just put 500$ in it getting it ready for the summer, im just looking for the finishing touches.

Any information would be very much appreciated, and thanks for the read. :smirk:

Keep your eye on e-bay.Type in XR650L.I see passenger pegs alot and they usually go for under $50.. Plastics can also be had pretty regularly..Although I dont see black very often,usually red.Take your time and buy one piece at a time and you will have it looking good soon.:smirk:

Would anyone be able to give me the dimensions of the buddy pegs (mainly just the bracket), i think im just gonna fab some myself. Ive got almost every tool known to man in my garage, and enough parts laying around, i think i could whip something nice up.

But i wanna know what the dimensions are for it, so i dont make then to long/short. Figure ill go custom, but stay as standard as possible.

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