07 kx250f smoking

Hey everyone I'm new here. I have a 07 kx 250f and it's smoking bad when I start it up it smokes like a two stoke would. after it warms up its not bad but it still smoke's some. It's white smoke. Are my ring's going bad or is it valve's or is it a comb of things?

I believe white smoke is indicative of a coolant leak. Someone will correct me if I am wrong. Possibly a head gasket problem? Sorry I am not of much help.

Is it puffing smoke or is it when you hit the gas?

Its really bad when I start it up but when I give it gas it will smoke some but nothing like when I start it.

Does it stop after it warms up? And you are sure it is white smoke? Is there a slight bog when you hit the throttle?

It does stop.Its never done this before till I switched to a new oil can that have something to do with it? There is no bog at all. Yes it's white. I checked the coolant and its fine no change level.

Probably just water vapor if it stops within 30 sec to a minute. And as long as it runs fine. What type oF oil did you switch too

I have the same issue with my bike. It over heated at the end of last year, so I ended up with new piston, rings, cylinder, head, and valves... I was thinkin it could be a coolant leak too. It was really bad when I first rebuilt the bike, but its starting to get better. I would check your rings out. Its an easy fix if its just the rings.

It's not the rings. If it were the rings then whenever you hit the gas it would blow out blue smoke. Not white. He said it stops after He starts it. Definatly not rings

I used to run Silkolene 10w-40 then I switched to kawasaki 10w-40.

I'm going to pull the top end and put new gaskets and see how everything else looks while I have it all apart.

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