Anyone wanna ride to Silver City this Saturday June 4th?


I just joined Thumper Talk, and am not really sure if I'm doing this correctly. Anyway, I recently bought a WR426F, have ridden it 4 times (hadn't ridden for about 25 years before that), and was wondering if anyone wanted to ride to Silver City, Idaho this Saturday June 4th?

i'm usually free mondays, and tuesdays, sometimes sundays. we tried riding in about 3 weeks ago from rabitt creek parking lot, but ran into too much snow the way we were going, and was pushing the fuel limit, we have yz450f, but i just got the acerbis front aux. fuel tank so looking forward to trying it out, ended up turning back and looping around to come out at blacks mnt. parking area, 42 miles in all was still a fun ride.

The snow _might_ have melted enough to get in there by bike. I usually don't try until the second week of June or so, such a cool spring I don't know how much of the snow has melted.

Just don't go down anything you don't think you can come back up. :smirk:

Yeah, I'd be surprised if you can get in there already, but I confess, I pretty much never go there since by the time I can get there, I can get somewhere much awesomer. right now there's a lot of snow in protected places above 6000' (north facing slopes, shadows, etc...), but if you keep charlz' rule in mind, you have little to lose by trying, and you might make it.

I'm gonna go ride 120 miles a day in idaho city instead. git 'er done.

A couple of buddies of mine made it last Sunday.

Sorry I did not see this post until this evening. I attempted to ride to Silver City via the ridge trail going up from Tidy creek and hit the snow. Dan, I live in Nampa and am always looking for rides. Unfortunately I am going to be out of commission for the next three weeks (I hope that is the time frame) for an athroscopic knee clean up on my miniscus. Keep me in mind I came back into riding much the way you describe and ride a Honda CRF 450X. Not fast but I am steady.

Hi, I usualy have Tuesdays and Wednesdays off and Tuesdays are the best for me. Got to fix my bike after the Poker run still, so let em know some time if you need a riding buddy. I am looking for one, as my current buddy is selling his bike and we cant get the same days off to go riding.

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