Where to get riding gear at good price?

Just like it says. Who has the best prices on riding gear?

I don't have anything other than helmet and goggles. I don't need the best just something to protect me when I bust my butt!

Try Bob's or MAW, check for closeouts. I got a nice pair of AXO pant for less than 50 bucks (about 125 new). I've delt with both. Neither has given me any hassle with returns and delivery was timely. If I were you, I'd stay away from Parts Direct. I tried to order something from them once, they waited three days after I placed the order to tell that the item was not in stock (when I placed the order, they told me it was in stock). I called about a week later to see where my order was and they hadn't even sent it yet. Of course, I cancelled the order. Recently, a friend ordered a part, when he found out the part would not fit his bike, he sent the unopened box back. They charged him a 20% restocking fee and would only give him store credit for the balance. (ouch). Good luck. :)

i like rocky mountian ATV myself. Also check out the thumpertalk store for info on that, Might find some good deals there

You can also go to some of the manufacturs website and get closeout direclty. Ebay has some deals sometimes if you don't mind going that route.

I picked up a pair of last years msr system - x pants from

www.throttlehead.com for $35

www.motorcyclecloseouts.com Tell Rusty that Chris Anderson refered you and he might give you a little better price, but damn, his prices are already rock bottom. Good service too. :)

Thanks guys I appreciate it.

I picked up a brand new set of fox 360 pants, and a matching fox fx jersey a while back off of ebay (through a store) for $110 bucks (Total w/ shipping included). The pants new around here are $150 alone.

mc closeouts has msr system x pants for 35 and the rage cotton jerseys for 15. I like the cotton better because it doesn't feel kind of sticky when I get sweaty and I can wipe my goggles off with it. The poly jerseys just smear the dirt around the lens.

I ordered the 2002 Answer Stylus Jersey and Pants from mccyclecloseout.com today for 59.00 shipped to my house. They are blue to match the bike. Think I got a good deal? I feel like I did.

Yup. Rusty (the main guy/owner) is pretty cool. That's a little better than the deal I got as the prices have come down in the last month or so. :)

Yup. Rusty (the main guy/owner) is pretty cool. That's a little better than the deal I got as the prices have come down in the last month or so. :)

Chris, we are planning a trip to Deal's Gap the last weekend of September on the R1's. Will be some guys from the www.r1-forum.com. We would love to have you. What ya think?

I think I would like to go, but I have no idea what deal's gap is. splain it please........

Ok. I found out what it is. Dude, I don't know what you're thinking, but I'm not up for driving 4000 miles to ride up some canyon. :D Thanks for the invite though! :)

Look over in the "Gear for Sale" section. I found some SWEET prices on closeouts for 661 gear. 30 - 40% off type prices!

sweet i ordered some amswer stuff for my wife for her b-day. 59 bucks shipped to my door also. ZWhat a frickin good deal. Thanks to moroecycle closeouts, and chris anderson for leading the way

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