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What is the ACTUAL wattage????

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So I'm trying to put a lighting stator on my 2001 CR250. Now from everything that I can tell Electrosport is the only people that make one. Now here is where I'm getting cross threaded. The Dirt Rider magazine article (http://www.dirtrider.com/reviews/dirt_bike/141_0911_going_the_distance_2001_honda_cr250r/index.html) says that its a 50W stator. Everything I remember seeing elsewhere says its 50W stator. Heck a guy even said it was good for 55watts here (http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/archive/index.php/t-863191.html)

. Also the electrosport website shows the the '99 CR250 model as being 50W, and the 2002 says its a 50W. For the 00-01 the so called lighting stator doesn't even give a wattage and they lumped it with the CR125. The guy at electrosport said it was a 35W stator, counter to what the dirtrider article stated. There is also a CR 8 pole stator under the 97-99 CR250, part# ESL970 that says its a 50W.

So basically my question is, what the **** is it? This is driving me mad!!!!! Would the "CR 8 Pole 50W Stator" part #ESL970 work in my 2001 which also has a factory 8 pole, same as the 97-99?

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