1977 yamaha dt 125 mint cont.

was wondering if anyone could tell me what i could get for somthing like this looks like show room cond.less then 900 miles

If it is really in that condition, inside and out, 500-800 USD is certainly reasonable for you and them.

I'd say at least $800. I've owned several Yam's in that era and always look at prices. If it's as good as you say, $800 would be a good price for both the seller AND buyer.

Location, location, location. You'd get more in California.

A bike with less than 1,000 shouldn't need an engine rebuild, but can pistons and rings be found? I found a Mint Honda MR175, but I'm told pistons are impossible to find.

The other downside is 125 is too small for a freeway.

A DT-175 was my first bike. I had way too much fun on that bike. One of my favorites.

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