01 yz426f ticking?

Hey guys after I rebuilt my top end I noticed I had a ticking noise on the right side of my engine, Ive done my break in and had one good ride on it since and it seems like its a little quieter? Could this be my valve lash? I am currently doing maint. to the bike and I am going to check my valves next, if you guys have any info that would be great! I reused my timing chain as well as it tightened up fine no slack but might replace it if I cant figure out the ticking, idk why it would be on the right side though? Anyways input is always amazing here thanks guys!

I would check your valves first. I think if it was cam chain it would make a slapping noise on the left side. Hope you find out what it is.

Ya everything i found was a slapping on the left side for the cam chain. I will check them for sure.

Possibilities on the right side are a loose drive gear nut, a damaged gear (there are 9 of them in there, I believe), beat up clutch cushion, etc.

it sounds like its up top grey. like my right exhaust valve

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