Right Shoulder injury

Ok here about three weeks ago I crashed my dirtbike jumping and I landed on my right shoulder I was probably 6 feet in the air and all my weight just crushed my shoulder and I heard it make a sound, not pop or a crack kinda like a crunch, I thought I broke it, it started to go numb. So I went to the emergency room and the doctor was not that good at all they just told me too were the sling for a week and that was all and they told me that I had a severe sprain, they said that I did not break but it could be possible that I could have torn something? So my shoulder feels alot better I actually ride can a little not hardcore just ride through some trails, but when I ride my whole arm goes numb, idk what is causing this, also this the same side that I broke my arm. So what I am wandering is what is causing my whole right arm to go numb, and how to strengthen my shoulder, it is very weak and then this is causing me to have arm pumps:banghead: really quick. Any tips would be greatly apperciated.

Thanks for all replies:thumbsup:

The numbness is secondary to the shoulder partially dislocating. TIme to see someone who knows what he/shhe is doing.

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