Help with gearing and how loud is the aftermarket exhaust

Had my CRF230M supermoto now for 30 days. LOVE the thing. Got over 700 miles on her already. Great on gas. Simply OUTSTANDING in corners and turns...but I have one..just one mere complaint.....NOT ENOUGH GET UP AND GO! Yes of course it's just a 230...what to expect. I come off a 250 2 stroke MX'er and expect 4th gear wheelies on a 230? No...but I wouldn't mind a little more torque and some confidence in the thing! Top speed is fine I guess...but I just feel like cruising at 65 it's gonna blow up! I don't need to ever go over 65...and usually just cruise around 55-60. I have to down shift a few gear approaching hills. What should I do to gearing to give me a little more grunt to make it up hills better? How loud exactly IS the FMF or any other aftermarket exhaust. I wouldn't mind a nice tone......... but stock is ok I guess....without baffles is terrible. Of course I'm going to re-jet the carburetor if I buy a pipe for it. If anyone had any experience with the L/M or a plated 230 and want to chime in on how they geared there bike that would be of great help.

Thanks all!

I have a 230f. the only dirt version. I put an fmf powercore4 on it. it sounds great. way better than stock sound. and it's only a little bit louder. this is only my second bike and my first aftermarket exhuast but i like it! I would recommend it. Like you said DO A RE-JET

If you're going 65mph w/ an aftermarket pipe . . . oh man, I don't know.

That would be freak'n loud. Well, whatever you do, make sure you get a noise insert of some kind.

I think I'm going to go repack my pipe right now. Just the thought of it gives me a headache. :smirk:

really? mine is not loud at all with the fmf. Even when im going down the dirt roads at my cottage in 6th gear at 3/4 throttle(i never rev my bike full). I hear the wind over my bike most of the time.

FMF is the tamest of the bunch... White brothers has a decent tone as does two bros and the bunch... I run a BBR on my motard and a procircuit on my others...

With the right motor work and gearing you can get a lot out of the bike... Most of the folks on the forum know I ran methanol for a bit and was seeing over 30bhp at the rear wheel... I can wheelie in fourth. Posted dyno sheets to back it up... LOL

Save your cash, go with a 251 kit from Mike coe, his cam and a 32mm carb... Pipe is preference... have fun...

I'm running slicks, 120 width on 3.5 inch excell wheels... cbr 600rr rear shock and 125 front end... rear disc as well... all the brakes are from a donor crf450

My smile is only shadowed by a championship or two... LOL






And another one I have...

It's a 175... wheelies in 3rd...



I'm loving my gas mileage. Not sure about the BBK or carb yet. Thought about it. Maybe this winter when the bike sits I may get the courage......doubt it. Obviously the aftmkt exhaust does away with emissions......

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