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Let's talk sprockets...

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So, my bike is currently geared 12/48. It's time for a new chain and sprockets, which really became apparent on Monday when I was at the track, went around a corner, dropped it into 2nd, wrapped it open, then snapped the master link and took a few teeth off the rear sprocket in the process. Also, what size chain should I get? From my understanding, it's a 520? I could be completely wrong though... Also, how many links?

The bike has some good grunt with the cam, exhaust, and larger piston. But, I wanna tad more for the track. It's a track and trail bike, no street (well, not yet).

So, what do you suggest? Should I bump up a tooth in the rear? And what brands would y'all suggest that won't cost too much? I'm a college kid, so money isn't exactly plentiful :smirk:

Oh yeah, I have an '03 XR250.

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