California Title Hawaii Address?

I purchased a KX250,

The bike came with a title a california title, but the address on it is a hawaii address? it has the bear watermarks so im sure it's real it's just seems weird to me.

How can you have a california title and have your address be in hawaii?

the guy i bought the kx from said he got the title from the previous owner.

In Idaho the address on the title is the mailing address. It is perfectly logical to have a title with an out of state address on it. Again, I can only speak to Idaho.

The biggest issue is the guy you bought it from not getting the title done in his name before selling it to you. Not that big of a deal depending on how your state processes tittles as long as it is signed off in all the right places.

my guess would be he was a military guy.

I had a title (in California) with a different mailing address -- a PO Box. I suppose they may not care if the mailing address is in a different state.

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