Intermittent Stall

So I got a 2005 CRF250x that has an issue stalling randomly. It starts cold first try, restarts every time with a quick push of the button but then usually about 2 or 3 times in an afternoon. I'll pull in the clutch and start to slow and then it bogs and dies, it only takes a couple minutes to get it started but I get a little nervous. Then it starts, runs great again, re-starts fine until another random bog where I nervously try to re-start again for a few minutes. It usually happens 10 - 15 min. apart then no issues or maybe 1 later. I've taken the Carb apart and cleaned it, blew out the fuel filter and changed out the gas put to no avail. any help would be greatly appreciated it just makes me nervous enough to need to stay pretty close to my truck and put off any long rides.



do you use the hot start? is there freeplay in the hot start lever cable? fuel cap vent hose clear (not using one of those valve things?)

yea...sounds like it runs out of fuel and then when you stop it gets to refill again....but

does it die only when your at idle?

Thanx for the replies, I never use the hot start mainly 'cause it always starts right up, fuel vent is clear and yes it only dies when I pull in the clutch and engine goes back to idle, maybe off subject but every time I stop it idles fast until I give it a quick twist of the throttle.

Thanx for any help,


Sounds like you are lean on the pilot.

Fuel screw @ 2 turns out?

Pilot a 42?

Pilot clogged?

Exhaust header sealed?

Hot start leaking?????????? (my current problem)

I'll try the fuel screw, not sure about pilot # stock. I just cleaned the carb out , found a little build-up on some jet screwed into the bottom of my bowl but nothing else, cleaned fuel filter, air filter, checked gas line. I'll have to look into the exhaust header and hot start issues. How can you troubleshoot a hot start leakage???

Mine was obvious. you can idle the bike and start lightly spraying brake cleaner anywhere you think it might be sucking air, if the idle changes you have found your air leak.

Be careful with that. If it is a big or bad leak the motor will suck the brake cleaner and free rev to the moon. I had a 2 stroke do that and ran out of control till it seized. Also, use wd40 not brake cleaner. Be ready to turn the gas off or have it off when you spray.

Try setting the petcock to reserve and see if the problem still exists. The splash guard on my X sank into the tank and now it runs out of gas when full unless its on reserve.

The splash guard on my X sank into the tank and now it runs out of gas when full unless its on reserve.

Is that what happens. I could not figure out why my bike would only run on reserve.

Be careful for sure, short little sprays.

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