05 CRF250R Advice

I am looking to possibly do a couple of upgrades/mods to my 05 CRF250R.

Background: I am mostly a open desert rider. 5' 7", 170 lbs in gear. Hard pack single track trails, sand, washes, whoops, mountains etc. I have been riding, after a long time off the dirt, for about 2.5 years. I consider myself an average rider. I am willing to ride most anything from easy to technical and slow to as fast as I feel comfortable.

Things I am considering:

1. Suspension: My bike was owned by my best friend who is about 6' 0" and 190 in gear. He had the suspension rebuilt for him. I have never touched it. I would like it to be set up for desert/open riding with uneven/whoops etc.

2. New Cam: From what I have read, I am thinking a Stage 1 Hot Cam. I understand this will give me more torque on the bottom/mid range. I want to be able to gear up at times but still have the torque to let it lug and then get the power when I want it. I would like more bottom end power/torque to gas and get me out of trouble easier.

3. Higher compression piston: No real ideas but looking for thoughts.

4. Exhaust/jetting: I currently run a 250X pipe on my 250R. That was because of the spark arrestor I needed for some of the places I ride with my kids etc. I don't even know the current jetting. I believe it is stock. I live at about 2000' elevation and it is HOT here, Las Vegas.

I would like any and all suggestions/ideas to help me out. I understand that putting money into the suspension is typically #1 on the list. I am in agreement but need ideas of what/where and how much to expect.

Appreciate the help.

As far as jetting, pick up a JD Jet kit, I bought one a while back for my WR250F.

I think it was $75(?) But it's well worth it, the instructions explain everything and comes with everything you need.

I went with an FMF Powercore 4 Slip on exhaust with spark arrestor, it's about $299. Works good, sounds good.

My only problem was that it was a little loose where my header attached, but it comes with a shim to fix that.

I understand that the JD Jet Kit also comes with o-rings to do the o-ring/AP mod. Is this true?

Still any other inputs on my other questions posted previously?

I would wait for a new/cam piston. Wait until you plan to rebuild, then get that stuff.

My JD Jet kit came with O-Rings, but I didn't use them.

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